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July 2008

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An Interview with Jake (Sunday, March 15 2009)

An Interview with Jake (age 4 1/2) 1. What is something mom always says to you? "Don''t do anything bad... *thinking*...um.... and I love you" 2. What makes mom happy? "Hugging me and kissing me" 3. What makes mom sad? "If somebody hurts her" 4. How does ...more

For a couple of months ... (Friday, January 23 2009)

For a couple of months now, I have been meaning to dispose of the remains of Nero. Obviously, after growing season, he wasn''t looking too healthy. Despite all my efforts, when the weather turned cold, Nero went "dormant." That''s how ...more

What a difference four years makes. (Wednesday, August 6 2008)

What a difference four years makes. I considered doing a recap of his "birth story," but really... I don''t think we need to go there. He was about 9 pounds... and took his time. Now he''s about 35 pounds, and ...more

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July 2008

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The Nut Tree Family Park (July 2008)


The Dickens Christmas Fair (Dec. 2008)


    Name: - Jacob Alexander
    Location: - Northern California
    Birthdate: - Thursday, August 5 2004
    Age: - 13 years, 10 months, 18 days
  • Nicknames: Jake, Smarty, Shorty, Drama, Monkey, Short Bus, Rock Star
  • Jake''s Quote of the Day: "No, I never wanted a monkey. It would punch me in the face."
  • Favorite Songs: Lads, Real Gone, Dreamline, Transformers
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, Bananas, Ice Cream, Tangerines, Chocolate, PB&J
  • Email Giddy & Jake: jake at rufflesandridges dot com
  • Current Weight: 47.5 lbs.
  • Current Height: 48 1/2 inches (almost 4 ft. 1 in.)


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4 July 2008

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Audra (Tuesday, March 17 2009)

I miss that little stinker!

nana (Friday, January 23 2009)

re: robots just a mater of time b4 that paperbag becomes a period replica and an expensive adult hobby. It runs in the genes.

the cousin''s mommy (Wednesday, November 12 2008)

lol would u call this a return pity comment? we should both update more then mebbe the masses will come and oogle over our adorable hellions or something

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The Great Dickens Christmas Fair (Dec. 2007)